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What We Do Best


We have significant experience in conducting evaluations of development projects, programs and policies. While most of prior evaluations have been formative and summative we also now conduct and advise on developmental evaluations which might be better suited to innovative program ideas since the outcome is not known with certainty at the beginning.

This is consistent with our work on adaptive management.

Blended Finance

The GDSC team has experience designing blended financing instruments, evaluating blended finance transactions, and creating blended finance platforms.

This involves the strategic use of public funding to mobilize additional commercial finance to address development challenges in emerging and frontier markets.


We are particularly skilled in policy analysis, development and evaluation combining big data analysis, political insights, scenarios development and options assessments.

We use macro-micro linkages to link our policy work to grassroots actions.

Sustainable Livelihood & Resilence Building

The sustainable livelihoods approach is an example of a human-centered systems approach. It starts with community’s assets (human, social, natural, physical and economic capitals) not with their needs.

We examine what works with their vision of a more sustainable livelihood, followed by what they can do on their own (community-based actions) and only then seeks support of outside agencies to complement local actions. Our team has experience in supporting the transition from humanitarian relief to sustainable development in post-conflict and post-disaster situations.


Global health challenges continue to plague emerging markets and developing economies. The GDSC team has worked extensively on global health issues ranging from Maternal and Newborn Child Health (MNCH) to HIV/AIDS, Malaria,Tuberculosis, and Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR).

GDSC has supported the mobilization of over $7billion USD for strengthening health systems, tackling nutrition, and investing in patient centered innovative technologies.

Adaptive Management

The complex and dynamic problems facing the world today require solutions that go beyond traditional linear approaches in which the outcomes can be determined with certainty.

Using complex adaptive systems approaches we design solutions that are dynamic, flexible and capable of change as the situation changes.


Agricultural production and Agribusiness hold the promise to massively transform the economy, as well as social and cultural relationships in developing countries.

The GDSC team has worked extensively in this sector on a range of solutions targeting both large scale productions, and smallholder farmers.

Legal Empowerment of the Poor

The vast majority of the people of the developing world make their livelihoods in the informal sector outside the rule of law. Formal sector approaches to governance whether to financial management or social services can miss the majority of these, unless special care is taken.

The GDSC team has expertise in working with the informal sector in the areas of access to justice and the rule of law, property rights, labor rights and business rights.

Partnership Development

We take SDG 17 very seriously in delivering our services, recognizing that the scale required to achieve the SDGs demands functional and strategic partnerships. Government and public institution actions significantly impact productivity and success in emerging markets and developing economies.

The GDSC team has supported clients by helping them develop strategies and partnerships with leaders across public, private and civil society sectors to create the conditions for sustainable growth, prosperity and social impact.

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